Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Turkeys Attack!

Dennis and I were able to take a day away from the daily grind of work to run up to the property located just north of the cities earlier this week.

Pictures from the trip are located in the post here.

As often happens on trips into the woods, there are some light hearted, downright comical moments. This trip was no exception. Located on the north end of the property is a natural field. It has about knee high grass covering it, with some sparse trees that are a little over head height surrounding the border. In the middle of this field is a massive bush. I don’t know what it is but at this time of year, it is big and you cannot see in or through it.

As Dennis and I were crossing this field to go and look at the “eye in the sky” tree stand, we were crossing about 10 feet in front of this bush. Dennis spotted a little head pop up, look at us and come bolting out of the bush. In one graceful and completely athletic maneuver, Dennis jumped, kicked his legs, flailed his arms and yelled “TTTTTUUUURRRKKKKEEEEYYYYY”. I was standing behind him looking the other direction and completed the only reaction a man can do at that time, yell out a couple of words I won’t put in print, cover my head, and get away from the not so small man charging towards me with his arms flailing.

As I looked back over my shoulder, I see this extremely large turkey run out of the bush, get about 5 feet away from us, and take off barely making it over our heads before heading to the trees. After about 5 minutes of catching our breath, and laughing hysterically, we were finally about to continue on and complete what we were trying to do in the first place.

This just goes to show you that you never know what kind of wildlife is on your land unless you put in the time and energy to be in the woods. I have never seen nor heard a turkey on our property in all of the 28 years that I have had access to the land.

You know what this means though. Time to apply for a turkey permit!!!!


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  1. I "allegedly" screamed and ran. I saw it more as trying to protect Eric from a clearly rabid animal intent on doing bodily harm to all in it's way.