About Us

Blue Collar MN Hunters

Eric Strauch
Eric has been hunting MN for the last 10 years.  Currently he gun hunts both rifle and shotgun.  He plans on filming bow hunts this year.  Eric has a wife and 2 twin girls currently.  Along with hunting he fishes and plays softball.  

Dennis LeMire
Dennis has been hunting with his Dad and family since he was 14 years old.  In addition to rifle and shotgun hunting, he bought a Mission bow and is practicing to start bow hunting in 2011.  His wife and 2 boys support his passion for hunting by logging countless hours in the offseason watching hunting shows on TV.  

Eric and Dennis are the primary writers of this blog.  In their hunting party you will also find Dennis Sr. and Matt:

Dennis Sr.
Senior started hunting woolly mammoth with a spear and chunks of rock to keep his cave warm back in the stone age.  Over the years he has taught his sons, and hunting sons, his wealth of knowledge regarding hunting.  When that 4 minute conversation was over, he has continued to learn with the rest of us.  Sr splits his time hunting in a few different places but he will be bow hunting with his crossbow this year with the BCH crew.

Matt LeMire
Bow, rifle and shotgun hunts.  Along with deer, Matt hunts duck, geese, pheasant and grouse.