Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trail Cam Lessons

The last time we made our way to our northern MN property, we put out two trail cams.  One was over a freshly planted food plot and in front of Eric's stand.  This camera is there to mainly measure our success in food plot planting and how quickly the deer start to attract to it.  You can read about the food plot we used here.  We collected the pictures yesterday.  There were not a ton of pics, but we did get two younger bucks:

The second camera was placed in between Matt and Dennis' stands on an intersection of two major trail sections.  The deer sign in this location was heavy.  This is the location we decided to test the Hunter's Specialties® Vita-Rack® 26 Lick Site.  

This camera only got pictures for two days as you can tell and then ran out of memory.  I had forgotten our memory card at home, so I blew it a bit there.  We did reset the camera with a fresh memory card.  As for the mineral lick site, the deer hit it hard.   They dig a hole about 4 inches deep in the ground.  I really am bummed to have missed the action at this spot after our camera filled up.  We did not put down more mineral lick on this trip, I want to see how long they frequent the area after it is gone.  Here is an updated view of the spot:

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