Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When time stands still...

Its been a while since I had a chance to post, but with all the prep work we have been doing and all the nice deer we have been seeing on our Wildgame Innovations trail cams I cant help but think hunting non-stop.

This is one of the toughest times of the year for us as hunters.  Not only does every day drag on because we know the end of the day brings us one day closer to opening day, but we start to think, rethink and second guess all the decisions we have made in preparation.

This year we have a handful of deer stands that are in new locations.  All of these locations were decided upon for various reasons.  Some are based off of pictures from the trails cams as we moved them around the property through the summer.  One stand is an adjustment from an old permanent stand that is no longer use-able. The last stands are based off of our personal experiences hunting the land in recent years and the improvements we have done to the land (ex: food plot).

We research, discuss, research some more, discuss some more, decide, adjust, place the stands and then second guess ourselves until hunting comes and goes. I think it is human nature to second guess your decision making when it comes to hunting.  The variables change every day if not every minute.  Some of these are controllable and some are not.

We have a couple final decisions to make and then it is go time.  We will finally get to see who wins and who loses. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hard Work, Hard Play

Hard Work, Hard Play

A food plot went in, 2 stands were hung and over 100 rounds were sent down range.  

It was a good weekend of work on the property.  Eric got both his stands hung in what we think are going to be great spots around our new Big-N-Beasty food plot.  The first is in the same spot he was in last year, just facing a new direction.  His second is in a great spot along one of the few ridges we have to work with.  Getting into it will be really easy and just off the trail.  This could be one of his best chances to shoot a deer in years.  If anyone needs it, it's Eric.  He has been dry for years now.  

We also raked and planted a small "kill plot" that is maybe 10'x14' square.  I had sprayed the area with Round up a month ago, we raked all of the loose plants and cleared as much ground as we could.  Matt used a hand spreader to throw half a bag of Whitetail Institute Imperial Bow Stand blend.  I will be hunting off to the side of this food plot in my ladder stand position this year.  We hope it will continue to draw well into the fall for us.

The trail cams produced some great pictures again this time out.  The enjoyment of seeing the deer on camera makes the hard work of prepping easier each time we go.  The bucks are nice to see, but overall seeing so much deer activity in an area we will be sitting is amazing.

After we were done with our prep work we decided to break out the arsenal and have a little fun.  Matt and I brought our .22 hand guns, Trace brought a .44 Mag revolver straight out of Dirty Harry.  Matt also had an AK47 type semi-auto that his neighbor sent with for us to shoot.  After destroying plenty of cans, bottles and cups from the truck ride up, we all left with a big ole smile on our faces.  

This Sunday we are going to plant the Big-N-Beast from Frigid Forage on our main food plot.  A Polaris Magnum that I just purchased and plenty of man power should make this trip productive and fun!