Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On A Budget

As Eric said, we are going to be walking you through the prep and hunt at a few locations this year, two out of the metro and one in the metro area.  All will be hunted on a working man's budget and time constraints.  When we mention food plots, we mean some clover thrown out on the ground with a light tilling at best.  We have access to a riding lawn mower, a few chainsaws and very limited time.  As you will see, we try and make the best out of what we do.

Eric and I made the first trip to his family land this last weekend.  We scouted a bit and took a look at the stands we built the last time we hunted this land three years ago.  The place is grown over and is going to require some work.  For our first trip here is what we accomplished:

1.  Mowed the yard and 1/3 of the main trails
2.  Checked 4 of our 5 main stand locations
3.  Cut downed trees and cleared trails
4.  Threw no till seed on two small food plots in front of Eric's stand
5.  Put out a mineral lick

Total price of this trip was -  $90  ($30 for seed and mineral lick, $50 for gas and $10 for food)

Total time spent including shopping and driving  -  6 hours.

Here is what we found upon arrival:

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