Thursday, August 25, 2011


OK, maybe it is the second most wonderful day right behind hunting opener, be either way, top 2 for sure!

That day, FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT DAY! We are outdoorsmen, but we are also avid sports fans. Hockey, football and baseball mainly, but we have been known to dabble in whatever catches our eye at the time (Examples: table tennis, curling, and for me, the Little League World Series!)

Last year unfortunately Dennis brought home the championship trophy in our highly competitive, extremely intense, ultra trash-talking league. This means from the day he claimed the trophy, until Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we all have had to listen to him spew his garbage! "King of the World". "Fantasy Football God". "Fantasy Gridiron Legend". "Best there is, Best there was, Best there ever will be!". Blah blah blah!

As we continue to post updates on our hunting progress and success's, I will also post recaps of my fantasy football triumphs, especially when I beat Dennis so bad his wife feels it!

To everyone else out there in Fantasy Football land, good luck this year. To Dennis, I hope your team is good this year, I dont want you to have any excuses to use when I get done stompin a mud hole in ya!!!!

Two weeks and 3 days till draft day, let the countdown begin!!!!


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  1. I believe Benjamin Franklin once said; "In order to BE THE MAN, you have to BEAT THE MAN" and I beat the men, boys, women and dogs last year. It's on like Donkey Kong again this year.