Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Reads

This section is turning into more of a "Monday Morning Watch" than read.  I seem to find more things on the net to watch that are extremely interesting these days than I do to read.  Here are a few I liked:

Deer Hunting Big Bucks  -  Easy to read breakdown of the different ways deer communicate.

Midwest Whitetail -  This is a read and watch entry.  The guys over at Midwest Whitetail are introducing us to a new short series called Whitetail Season.

Midwest Bowhunter  -  Some musings and thoughts about the upcoming season along with a good group of trail cam pics.

I also want to talk about a show on Sportsman Channel that I started watching and followed to their website to watch past episodes.  Hallowed Ground Outdoors has quickly become one of my favorite shows on TV/net.  Their camera work, music, and storytelling make this show jump off the screen to me.  It is one of the few shows that my wife (a non-hunter) will sit down and enjoy watching.  Please check it out and while you are at it Like them on Facebook.

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