Thursday, October 20, 2011

No News is Good News?

WRONG!  We have finally started hunting our metro area and it has not been a friendly task.  Our stand is not in a very happy place right now.  The tree is to exposed and doesn't offer the shots we had hoped for now that the leaves are mostly down.  So, we have to move it.  In the mean time we have been sitting on the ground in a natural blind to try and get lucky.  The deer have been moving in and around us, but not in the places we can shoot.

The land we hunt is small and we do not have permission to hunt on neighbors land, so we are very limited with the options we have.  That means we have to do more waiting and hoping that they go where we want them to than we would like.  It also means we have to be in the stand a lot in order to make it happen.  At this time we are just biding our time and hoping it will pick up some and we can get our first deer on the ground soon.

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