Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trail Cam Lessons Continue

Well I went and pulled the pics from our metro area trail cam again today.  I'm not impressed.  The Evolved Habitat Rut-N-Apple attractant we put out is gone but it doesn't look like it attracted a lot of the right crowd.  We had a couple does, a fawn that loved the stuff and a raccoon.  Now I did miss the last 6 days because apparently the "new" batteries I put in the cam the last time I went out, weren't so new.  They were dead when I got there today.  We have only gotten one buck to pose for the camera in the 4 months we've had it out there.  I know there are big boys in the area as I have seen them personally.  Clearly we haven't found where they are walking just yet.

Here are some of the pics we did get:


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