Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 Season Start

Success and failure can come and go sometimes without us knowing it.   Last year looked like a failure in the moment.  We had very few quality encounters with animals and no kills.   In the moment it felt like a massive let down over previous years.  In reality we made great strides for the future.  

The cabin purchase, land management, skill advancement, we're all things that mark the year as a roaring success.  The prospects for next year are sky high.  Let's face it, even if we have limited success next year, there are some exciting times coming.  We have building on a new property to do. New land to manage and master.  Fun family time just waiting for us to go and enjoy it.  

Turkey season will be our next big adventure.  This will be year 3 for us hunting turkeys.  We are still fully in the learning stages, and moving forward at a snails pace.  We will mostly be rolling with our set up from last years.  Let's hope we at least get a shot this year.  We will be updating when we can.


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