Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working in a Sauna

Trail cams are out and we have been collecting pictures.  The first few weeks produced a good collection but getting them was a chore.  Working in 90 degree weather with humidity that could kill a lesser man, was not fun.  Myself, Eric and my Dad all braved the heat to get some things done for the upcoming season.  We are more excited than ever now.

We decided to do some things differently this year.  Our first two trail cam placements were over piles of Deer Corn from Gander Mountain.  The cams were put out in strategic spots surrounding the field we are turning into a food plot.  The first location was where Eric had his stand last year.  The second was 100 feet to the north west on a trail coming into the food plot.  I will try and give you a break down of studying the pictures in a separate post.  

While we were there collecting pictures we also did some prep work.  All of our trails needed to be cleared and cut.  There has been a lot of water, like flood type water levels, in our area.  The weeds loved the water and have been growing.  Along with some mowing we started the prep on what should become our two food plots this year.

The first is a clover plot from last year that we wrote about in Second Week of Work last year.  It sits just off of the back corner of the property and draws the deer in from a pine grove.  The second is in the big main field that sits on the property.  It was once used for planting dozens of years ago and has since become overgrown.  In order to begin getting the plots ready to plant, we mowed both spots and sprayed with Round Up.  

In the smaller kill plot, we are planning on planting Whitetail Institute Imperial Bow Stand blend.  The larger plot is about 1/2 an acre and is most likely going to get the Big-N-Beasty blend from Frigid Forage.  This will allow us to see how the different seeds grow in our soil conditions.  Stay tuned for a trail cam update this weekend!  

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