Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turkey Watching

Well our first year of turkey hunting has come and gone.  We had no idea what we were doing or how to do it but we did it.  Together Eric and I spent more than 40 hours over 4 days in the blind.  We saw plenty of hens and one tom.  Neither of us was able to get close enough to get a shot at the tom and we only saw him once.  This was quite a learning time for us.  

Not only did we learn a lot about turkey hunting, but a lot about ourselves as well.  Both of us decided to dive head first into this turkey hunting thing and hunt with our bows.  If we are going to hunt, we may as well do it the way we want.  It was good being out in the woods when we usually are not.  We saw a few dozen deer and had a good chance to pattern some of the deer in their off season habits.  While they may not carry over to the deer hunting season, I don't think we can ever have to much knowledge of our prey.  

My butt is tired from the sitting and my eyes may never be the same after all the wind this past few days, but my thirst for the hunt has been quenched for a few weeks.  Now we begin our prep for deer hunting.  My bow muscles need strengthening and I could use a good amount of practice this summer.  Add that to our quest for property that we will talk about soon and you have a full summer.

Sorry we do not have pics to show you of our grand entrance into turkey hunting stardom.  It didnt go down exactly as planned.  

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